Choosing Freedom


As this school year ends I find myself wanting more for my girls. They are brilliant beautiful girls who have become so trapped by use of the mind numbing gadgets so many of our kids are addicted to they can find nothing to do without them. My husband and I took their gadgets for punishment for the past week so we find them lurking behind us with this dazed and confused look on their faces waiting for us to tell them what to do next with their lives. It’s as if life is over without the cell phone, laptop, reader, and mp3 players. Honestly I feel a lot guilty for overindulging them in the first place. I mean what kid really needs all of that stuff in the first place. We’ve got them so hooked on gadgets they don’t know how to interact with real people. Without the gadgets I’ve noticed how much more they eat. I guess out of boredom. I’ve cut out much of the sugar in their lives because of my own dietary needs, but they found a stash of ice pops  in the fridge in the shed and have gone gang busters on those things as if they were the last food supply on earth. I guess we really stocked up last year. Anyway I notice their with sugar the attention span immediately disappears and behavior is radically different. 

Looking at all of this I began to think there must be a better way to help my children develop and experience real living over this summer so I’ve decided we will have a summer of freedom from gadgets and sugar. They will be allowed minimal television and be allowed online to post about their experiences this summer. I really want to see how they change with regard to their social graces and conduct over this summer. Mostly though, I just want them to learn how to have fun!


3 responses

  1. We tried something similar. We have 3 kids ages 10, 5 and 1 and with the gap in age they were always fighting, cranky with each other and always had their heads stuck in something electronic making them moody, anti social with one another. We cut them of and forced outside play , changed their diet excluding all refined sugars, soft drink and saturated fats and they changed so much, all for the better. They were thoughtful of one another, the yelling almost stopped. They became more patient,and actually used their imaginations and that was so great. They actually make up games outside and cut up old fabric scraps to make things, they are even baking and drawing with chalk outside. Its great to see them being kids not just becoming square eyed couch potatoes!!

  2. Just Imagine, I’m hoping to have the same kind of results as well. My kids are very creative by natured, but that creativity has been stifled by the gadget nation. I think they will have a lot more fun and build better bonds between themselves without the distractions.

    By the way I LOVE that phrase “square eyed couch potatoes”!

  3. I feel like I limit these things already and try to make room for everything else. I’ve been curious what a week of absolutely no gadgets would do for us. I’m looking forward to hearing about your summer. Sounds like a great adventure. Back to basics, right? I bet some good books, crafts, and games will be found. 😉