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A creative mess


This is the aftereffect of leaving my children and my craft room while I took a nap. I’m not sure exactly what they made, but they sure did leave behind a good indication they were busy at work.



Time with Cousins


I was crazy enough to go pick up four additional kids for a trip to the pool this week. Thankfully my Kayla is an excellent swimmer who loves kids. She was a great help in keeping everyone in line. We only stayed a couple hours, but they really enjoyed themselves. This is a pic of the “after”

ImageI took them all back to my house grilling hotdogs and chili while they played outside. It’s always wonderful to hear the laughter, screaming, and giggles of a bunch of kids running around. Soon after that began the fussing, so I loaded everyone in the car and returned them to their places of origin. (smile) All’s well that ends well.

Baking Day


So, I’ve found a few recipes we absolute love and that work well into our diet as substitutes without feeling like we are missing anything. I’m not only sugar free; I’m also gluten free and with this transition I’ve decided the entire family could benefit from my lifestyle changes. I’ve included a lot of sugar free/gluten free foods into our diets based on recipes by Maria Emmerich. I religiously refer to her blog and cook books when seeking out a recipe.

Today I’m baking up a batch Maria’s “Protein Bread” (pictured on the right below courtesy of Maria Emmerich) to use for breakfast sandwiches. The girls and I love them. My husband (Pappi) still hasn’t gotten used to them so He goes for other breakfast options.

The Protein Bread recipe can be found here:

I’m also making a couple loaves of her almond flour based “Amazing Bread” (pictured on the left below courtesy of Maria Emmerich) which we all love for sandwiches. It is especially good with more hearty meats and subs. We are probably going to have sandwiches today with a fresh loaf. Yummy!

The Almond Bread recipe can be found here:

I’ll try to fit in some sweets as well if I can make time today. I’ve still got several loads of laundry to catch up on. I took a break this weekend and had the stuff from vacation as well. I’ll let the girls tell you if we come up with any sweet treats today.

IMG_2568 IMG_0195

Chick-fil-a Lemonade Saves the Day


It was 90 degrees out today and with the humidity down here in Georgia it felt even worse. We are back in the swing of our hustle bustle lifestyle and did our Monday thing with the chores and prepping or the week. The girls ran out with me for a few appointments and then to the library to pick out their reading materials for the next couple weeks.

After the library we all felt like something cool as a reprieve from the hot weather. On prior occasions we would have gone to McDonalds and picked up cones for the trip home, but today Chic-fil-a saved the day by helping us avoid the sugar splurge with their diet lemonade I’ve been a fan of this lemonade since having to modify my diet to sugar free, so I thought why not give it a go with the girls, and BINGO! They love the stuff. I’ve negotiated with them that this newfound zingy delight be our occasional treat rather than the previous champion; the cone. Score one for mamma! I’m proud of my win today. (smile)


Vacation was awesome, I went on the fastest wooden roller coaster that has the largest drop in the world. Of course we didn’t know all this info before we got on we just did. It was the scariest thing in the world I couldn’t scream I just looked shocked hoping that it would end fast but it didn’t it went on for 3 min. There were a lot of barrels and drops. then I was “smart enough” to get on a giant barn swing. my dad said I looked like I was praying to Jesus because I had my eyes closed most of the time. That was because that was the most uncomfortable ride ever I was looking straight at the ground that is scary. After those two rides we said no more tummy turners. We did three rides that we got soaked they were fun when we were about to do a last ride on the tire boat ride mamma said she didn’t want to ride again so me, Anna, and my dad rode twice we snuck the second one. The last ride was a fireman indoor roller coaster it was really fun it was also a ride were you get soaked it wasn’t as bad as that first roller-coaster because it only had a 12 foot drop it was so fun me and my dad sat in the front. then we went to an awesome show when the park was about to close it was awesome they had dancer and a band, they did a country song mash up, and it had a mix of comedy in every break. My aunts wedding was great I almost started crying her husband did too it was really sweet and I got to see my grandpa dance.after words we went to my cousin’s house twice first we did a cook out then we went out to dinner with my other was good to see family again and spend time with them.

Best Vacation Ever