Week 1 – Almost Successful?


We’ve been one week out of school and the same amount of time without gadgets and sweets. That week has felt like an eternity. The kids are in constant need of instruction as to what to do next. I’m hoping imagination kicks in soon so that I’m not in charge of their entertainment for the summer. There are no kids in my neighborhood because most of the neighbors are retired age and don’t seem to have grandkids that visit. My girls ages are so different it is impossible for them to play for much length of time together.

Today we had to get out of the house and away from the normal so I took the kids to my moms house. She has three of the other grands staying with her for a while so I figured the kids would enjoy time with their cousins and give me a break at the same time.

We all were in for a treat! Grandma took us all to Chuck E Cheese. Wooo HOoo… The kids were able to run around and play while I got a much needed break from the constant “mamma mamma mamma” of the past week. I’m gonna have to switch up my schedule to do my routine task at different points of the day in order to be able to take the kids skating or bowling or to the park during the time I normally do my work. This way while they are calming down from the day being spent I can do my task uninterrupted.

I’m also having to do more cooking from scratch in order to avoid all the excess sugars in foods purchased from the stores. I don’t mind, but there are days I just want to have a break. Problem comes when dining out because the kids want a sugary drink or desert and we have to go through the entire conversation over and over concerning the no-sugar diet. Today the kids won when it came time to turn in tickets for prizes at Chuck E Cheese.

I’m a sucker. I gave in to the begging. They’ve had a sugar high from cotton candy and are now on the verge of slumber. Sugar high and low hit hard.  I’ll have to have a plan for next visit to Chuck E Cheese. Maybe tell them to save tickets for a big prize instead of sweets. I may need to even take out the sugar free deserts and switch over to fruits so they are not feeling like it is necessary to have sweet treats. We all probably need to appreciate the natural goodness of fruits rather than expecting other forms of sweets. This is really a big learning curve for the entire family.

This is becoming more work for me than I expected, but I’m hoping the benefits will make the sacrifice worth it.


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