Little Monster


My youngest daughter, Anna, is have a really hard time accepting the no-sugar thing. She is fine with not having the gadgets because she is still at the age she can appreciate spending time with friends and family. But that sugar! Man, I’m nervous about her addiction. I’ve noticed she is more prone to crave carbs now since she can’t get it through actual sugar.

I don’t purchase crackers, wheat based breads, or snack foods because I’m gluten intolerant and eat a low carb diet. I’m transitioning the kids to my low carb breads and cutting out those high carb things from their diets as well, but my husband also has a stash of  crackers in our basement kitchen for his snacks. Well, my little Anna found those crackers and went all cookie monster on those things. Crackers  give the same rush as candy if you eat enough. So, she was getting her fix with those and is not really getting over the sugar thing.

She almost had a mental meltdown when I told her no sugar drink or desert at a restaurant. I know it’s hard for her because that was our old paradigm. She  didn’t make a scene, but got so upset I could tell her inner man was bubbling over and ready to burst out like a little Hulk moment. I had to talk to her into calming down.

I think I’m going to have to make it clear to the kids, this is not temporal. This is our new normal. And, I’m going to have to also hide daddy’s stash of crackers so Anna isn’t getting that sugar fix by cramming those things down her throat.


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