We have been having a good time, we have been eating some good food and have goofy times. Even though when ever I go into a store I get sad cause I see so much candy and I just got to have it, I am getting over have the candy. We had a sweet potatoes with xyla and cinnamon and it was so good I was drooling when I finished. We even made french toast out of angle fruit cake its good. We’ve been getting ready for vacation and I can not wait it is going to be fun it’s the biggest vacation we have ever been on. It’s going to be really hard not to eat any sugar on vacation but we can do it. We  will have plenty to do during that time. My mom got us into a habit of reading a book every week and writing a report on it, it’s actually pretty fun because you actually read that on book. I usually pick up a book get half way through it and then say I don’t like it, but with this you have to read the whole book and then I see that I actually like the book. Weird right!

Reading is fun


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