Not Prepared for Vacation


We took a weeklong vacation and although we had a gadget free week we didn’t do so well on the sugar front. I took food for the road trip up so we survived the first couple days sugar free, but I didn’t count on the fact continental breakfast are mainly sugar products. After the first waffle(even with sugar free syrup) and apple juice (which we don’t drink at all at home) the girls were right back hooked and having full blown cravings. We spent an entire day at Silver Dollar City and ate whatever we could find in the park.  I figured the girls could have whatever they want considering the first ride we got on was the 2nd fastest wooden roller-coaster

Silver Dollar  City

1st Drop on Outlaw Run

in the world. The first roller-coaster for both girls and myself. (scared the crap out of my Anna). By the road trip home I allowed the to have candy at the gas station. We have to detox all over again. Here comes another week of cranky children… I think I’m going to have to set my husband up in the basement to avoid the cranky women (smile)


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