Vacation was awesome, I went on the fastest wooden roller coaster that has the largest drop in the world. Of course we didn’t know all this info before we got on we just did. It was the scariest thing in the world I couldn’t scream I just looked shocked hoping that it would end fast but it didn’t it went on for 3 min. There were a lot of barrels and drops. then I was “smart enough” to get on a giant barn swing. my dad said I looked like I was praying to Jesus because I had my eyes closed most of the time. That was because that was the most uncomfortable ride ever I was looking straight at the ground that is scary. After those two rides we said no more tummy turners. We did three rides that we got soaked they were fun when we were about to do a last ride on the tire boat ride mamma said she didn’t want to ride again so me, Anna, and my dad rode twice we snuck the second one. The last ride was a fireman indoor roller coaster it was really fun it was also a ride were you get soaked it wasn’t as bad as that first roller-coaster because it only had a 12 foot drop it was so fun me and my dad sat in the front. then we went to an awesome show when the park was about to close it was awesome they had dancer and a band, they did a country song mash up, and it had a mix of comedy in every break. My aunts wedding was great I almost started crying her husband did too it was really sweet and I got to see my grandpa dance.after words we went to my cousin’s house twice first we did a cook out then we went out to dinner with my other was good to see family again and spend time with them.

Best Vacation Ever


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