Chick-fil-a Lemonade Saves the Day


It was 90 degrees out today and with the humidity down here in Georgia it felt even worse. We are back in the swing of our hustle bustle lifestyle and did our Monday thing with the chores and prepping or the week. The girls ran out with me for a few appointments and then to the library to pick out their reading materials for the next couple weeks.

After the library we all felt like something cool as a reprieve from the hot weather. On prior occasions we would have gone to McDonalds and picked up cones for the trip home, but today Chic-fil-a saved the day by helping us avoid the sugar splurge with their diet lemonade I’ve been a fan of this lemonade since having to modify my diet to sugar free, so I thought why not give it a go with the girls, and BINGO! They love the stuff. I’ve negotiated with them that this newfound zingy delight be our occasional treat rather than the previous champion; the cone. Score one for mamma! I’m proud of my win today. (smile)


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