Wrapping it up


I can’t believe this summer has passed so quickly. As we end the summer I’ve decided to begin our transition from total depravation to limited access with gadgets. My girls have really not been feeling deprived this summer. We’ve got one more month and it is so packed with activities they won’t have time to be bored or anything. They are beginning gymnastics next week, have a family reunion next week, a conference coming up the following week, and then we’ll be going on a short weekend trip the third week. Of course the final week we’ll be prepping to go back to school with registration etc. Kayla is so excited about seeing all her frieda again she has already pulled together her stuff for school.

I’ve actually begun, starting today, to allow them computer access for an hour a day so they can become accustomed to our new schedule and proper usage before school begins in 4 weeks. I’ve put parental blocks and time controls so they don’t have opportunity to claim ignorance.

As far as the sugar thing, I’ve come up with so many great sugar free alternatives they don’t even know when they are having a sugar free treat. Like the cherry pie filling I purchase sugar free. I’ve opted to not put them through the gluten free lifestyle I’m living. I think that is a bit much for my family since they were so accustomed to fresh breads and pasta. I do however, limit the starches I prepare and ensure servings are not out of control when I do serve it.

We have benefited as a family from the changes made this summer. The girls and I have grown closer. We as a family have had more time together to get to know one another’s interest. The girls have had also become better at managing their own responsibilities as far as keeping their rooms clean and keeping up with their chores without the distraction of the gadgets. I’m hoping we can continue the same level of responsibility as I reintroduce these things into their lives. I’m not giving them Cell phones. They do have laptops for school research that don’t leave their desktops and they will have their Kobo e-readers for reading and games. We already don’t allow much TV time. We have a centrally located family television so that we can monitor what goes into their eye gates (at least while they are in our household). Can’t really control what they will see at school or around friends, but we can set the standard and let them know our expectations.

I’ll let you know how we transition. If it gets out of control again I will definitely pull the plug.


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