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Pear Gorgonzola Salad with Avocado



So good I ate the entire plate!!


JunkYard Quiche


Just before having to go grocery shopping my mom would make her famous Junk-Yard Stew. She would clear out the fridge of all the vegetables and throw them in a pot with  some beef tips, rice or pasta (whatever was in the pantry). Somehow a couple hours later we’d all be enjoying a big bowl of Yummy-Goodness. No one could eat just one bowl. Well I found myself with an excess of vegetables today and I came up with my own Junk Yard recipe, Quiche!

From my fridge I found asparagus, onions, garlic, bell peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, cream cheese, and cheddar along with the obvious eggs, salt and pepper. I sautéed all the vegetables, added chances of creamed cheese, mixed the eggs, cheddar, salt, and pepper and poured over the sautéed veggies. Placed in the oven until done. Of course I don’t have measurements or cooking times. Just kind of know… I love cast-iron so I cook everything I can in cast-iron pots. Look at the deliciousness hereIMG_1135

UNSquared Living Space


My youngest Daughter is a lot like me. She is highly analytical while at the same time being almost just as creative. It’s like dual purposes fighting until you can find a happy medium and in order to do that both sides must have space to be expressed. Her living space has not accommodated her personality. It is a very traditional bedroom with a small office area included. For me I’ve been blessed to have an area in which I can create in the form of a craft room as well as an office in which to do my work, and a separate sleeping area. My daughter however has all of this in her bedroom.

In thinking about her today I determined it a good idea to remove the traditional elements from her room and create a space in which she can express herself fully. She is allowed to use my craft room, but opts to color and things like that in her bedroom.  I am going to take the whole mini office feel out of her bedroom. I’m going to get rid of the laptop and create a sign on to my iMac for her to do research when necessary. Her laptop, reader, and mp3 player will be replaced by an iPad mini.This not only gives her more space in her bedroom, and fewer things to keep track of;  it gives mamma more oversight concerning her computer usage. Yay Mamma!

Her room is going to get a total makeover to accommodate her creative side along with her analytical one. She will have a whiteboard wall on which to color till her heart is content or to work out math problems if she chooses.  Along that with a large carpet in the floor for a creative play zone that she can get dirty and mamma won’t fuss.  She will have a long thin backboard strip running on one of the walls so she can pin up her artwork which is very important to her. I’m going to give her a Chair and floor lamp for reading, She will keep her same bed and dresser, but the bookshelf will be removed and only a small table next to her chair will house the book she is reading at the moment. Her closets will be re-designed to accommodate her shoes and purses more effectively so that she will not be stressed on organization. All the unnecessary fluff will be removed from her space. I’m going to let her assist in picking the colors of her room as well as any curtains and linen so it is something she is comfortable with.

I think these changes to a more unconventional living space will help her find the necessary balance between her creative genius and her analytical side.

Mushroom Madness


I’m trying to think of what to do with these two packs of mushrooms (White and Baby Bella) that I need to cook before they go south on me when my mind suddenly has a moment of clarity which caused my heart to begin to quicken the tempo to which my life revolved. I began to savor the dish on the memory of my taste buds salivating at the thought of the first fork full hitting my tongue. This dish was given me by my friend Jenn from The Dew Abides blog. I don’t have any measurements because I don’t really like cooking from recipes and I’ve cooked this so many times I don’t require it. Tells you how good it is doesn’t it!!  I can tell you it entails Mushrooms, Onions (I only cook with Vidalia onions grown here in Georgia), Garlic, Oil, Flour (i use a rice flour and starch), Broth (I use vegetable, but beef is good if you are not vegetarian), Pepper, Salt, Sour Cream and Worcestershire Sauce. You basically sauté the mushrooms and onions lightly salted in a little oil , Take them out of the pan and use those bits stuck to the bottom with a little more oil and broth to create a yummy gravy. Add the Onions, Garlic and Mushrooms back to the pan, add Worcestershire Sauce, and just before serving stir in sour cream. I serve over a little Basmati rice topped with chives. For the family I cooked up some steak to add meat to the dish.

OMGoodness – YUMMYGOODNESS!!!!! Here are pix.


Skillet Apples and Protein French Toast

Skillet Apples and Protein French Toast

I wanted something hearty to contend with my husbands bacon and eggs cooking upstairs. So, I came up with this yummy meal of skillet apples and French toast made from Maria Emmerich’s angel food cake served with sugar free syrup. This satisfied me so the lure of bacon lost its strength.

Skillet’s On


I’ve decided to go vegetarian. I’m not so much focusing low to no carbs, but am still gluten free and the only carbs I really get in my diet are from vegetables and fruits. I still am sugar free utilizing substitutes like stevia and xyla. I do eat cheese and eggs so I’m lacto-ovo vegetarian. I feel so much better, don’t have to take suppliments all day for energy and digestive health, and have also began to shed weight without feeling like I’m trying. I’ve tried vegetarianism before, but really didn’t know how to successfully implement the changes into my lifestyle and still get the nutrients I need. I also didn’t have anyone who understood why I was changing my life so drastically so, I  got help from a health coach to support me and assist me in making good choices.

My family is still sugar free but of course they have not chosen to be vegetarian. Today I made a hearty breakfast we all can enjoy with potatoes, garlic, onions, salt, pepper, bell peppers, mushrooms and am topping with a fried egg once it’s done. It smells so good cooking I couldn’t wait until the finished product to show you a pic… Just imagine the egg on top and the potatoes golden brown. 🙂