Skillet’s On


I’ve decided to go vegetarian. I’m not so much focusing low to no carbs, but am still gluten free and the only carbs I really get in my diet are from vegetables and fruits. I still am sugar free utilizing substitutes like stevia and xyla. I do eat cheese and eggs so I’m lacto-ovo vegetarian. I feel so much better, don’t have to take suppliments all day for energy and digestive health, and have also began to shed weight without feeling like I’m trying. I’ve tried vegetarianism before, but really didn’t know how to successfully implement the changes into my lifestyle and still get the nutrients I need. I also didn’t have anyone who understood why I was changing my life so drastically so, I  got help from a health coach to support me and assist me in making good choices.

My family is still sugar free but of course they have not chosen to be vegetarian. Today I made a hearty breakfast we all can enjoy with potatoes, garlic, onions, salt, pepper, bell peppers, mushrooms and am topping with a fried egg once it’s done. It smells so good cooking I couldn’t wait until the finished product to show you a pic… Just imagine the egg on top and the potatoes golden brown. 🙂



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