Mushroom Madness


I’m trying to think of what to do with these two packs of mushrooms (White and Baby Bella) that I need to cook before they go south on me when my mind suddenly has a moment of clarity which caused my heart to begin to quicken the tempo to which my life revolved. I began to savor the dish on the memory of my taste buds salivating at the thought of the first fork full hitting my tongue. This dish was given me by my friend Jenn from The Dew Abides blog. I don’t have any measurements because I don’t really like cooking from recipes and I’ve cooked this so many times I don’t require it. Tells you how good it is doesn’t it!!  I can tell you it entails Mushrooms, Onions (I only cook with Vidalia onions grown here in Georgia), Garlic, Oil, Flour (i use a rice flour and starch), Broth (I use vegetable, but beef is good if you are not vegetarian), Pepper, Salt, Sour Cream and Worcestershire Sauce. You basically sauté the mushrooms and onions lightly salted in a little oil , Take them out of the pan and use those bits stuck to the bottom with a little more oil and broth to create a yummy gravy. Add the Onions, Garlic and Mushrooms back to the pan, add Worcestershire Sauce, and just before serving stir in sour cream. I serve over a little Basmati rice topped with chives. For the family I cooked up some steak to add meat to the dish.

OMGoodness – YUMMYGOODNESS!!!!! Here are pix.



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