UNSquared Living Space


My youngest Daughter is a lot like me. She is highly analytical while at the same time being almost just as creative. It’s like dual purposes fighting until you can find a happy medium and in order to do that both sides must have space to be expressed. Her living space has not accommodated her personality. It is a very traditional bedroom with a small office area included. For me I’ve been blessed to have an area in which I can create in the form of a craft room as well as an office in which to do my work, and a separate sleeping area. My daughter however has all of this in her bedroom.

In thinking about her today I determined it a good idea to remove the traditional elements from her room and create a space in which she can express herself fully. She is allowed to use my craft room, but opts to color and things like that in her bedroom.  I am going to take the whole mini office feel out of her bedroom. I’m going to get rid of the laptop and create a sign on to my iMac for her to do research when necessary. Her laptop, reader, and mp3 player will be replaced by an iPad mini.This not only gives her more space in her bedroom, and fewer things to keep track of;  it gives mamma more oversight concerning her computer usage. Yay Mamma!

Her room is going to get a total makeover to accommodate her creative side along with her analytical one. She will have a whiteboard wall on which to color till her heart is content or to work out math problems if she chooses.  Along that with a large carpet in the floor for a creative play zone that she can get dirty and mamma won’t fuss.  She will have a long thin backboard strip running on one of the walls so she can pin up her artwork which is very important to her. I’m going to give her a Chair and floor lamp for reading, She will keep her same bed and dresser, but the bookshelf will be removed and only a small table next to her chair will house the book she is reading at the moment. Her closets will be re-designed to accommodate her shoes and purses more effectively so that she will not be stressed on organization. All the unnecessary fluff will be removed from her space. I’m going to let her assist in picking the colors of her room as well as any curtains and linen so it is something she is comfortable with.

I think these changes to a more unconventional living space will help her find the necessary balance between her creative genius and her analytical side.


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