“Sweet” Tea


We southerners probably have sweet tea running through our veins. Stuff so sweet you’d think you were sucking on a sugar cane. But it’s what gets us through the hot summer days that seem to sap the life out of you if you stay in the sun too long. Well seeing as though I can’t have caffeine or sugar one would think I’d have to give up the powerful elixir, but fate has chosen to show me another path. I can still enjoy the sweet goodness without either having sacrificed none of the yummy goodness that makes it the go to drink of us here in the south. I’ve even found the perfect container that makes the perfect strength without fail. Believe me I’ve tried it enough times to have failed but so far It’s been perfect every time. I use a decaf tea, an artificial sweetener, and lemon packets.

My entire family loves this! – Perfection!!!



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