Breakfast Reconfigured


In our culture if you’ve not got a plate of pork surrounded by eggs and bread you’ve not eaten breakfast. Well, none of those things are allowed in my diet any longer, so what is left. Nothing… That is if I want to stick with the traditional breakfast fare. My health coach has hipped me to a totally new way to eat for breakfast. No pork or breads included, but I feel completely satisfied. So, I thought it would be great to share. She didn’t name the recipe so I’ll leave it unnamed until she post it on her site. Follow the simple directions below and BAM!!! Yummy Goodness for Breakfast.


1 can Garbanzo Beans
1 bag of Lima Beans
1Bag of spinach
Peanut Sauce
Chia/Hemp seed mix
Olive Oil
 I’ve used frozen lima beans and canned lima beans. I’ve also used frozen spinach, but I prefer to use fresh.
Just sauté the beans and spinach (in olive oil) to your liking. Add the peanut sauce once the beans and spinach are about 75% cooked…simmer for about a minute or 2. Add chia/hemp seed mixture just before serving.

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