Breakfast Egg and Avocado Tostada


You’re just gonna have to trust me when I say these things turned out beautifully this morning because somehow I lost the pictures on my brand new camera some time between breakfast and now. I think the battery died. I’m really not sure how that can cause pix to disappear, but it did.

Anyway… I made wonderful Tostadas for breakfast inspired by a recipe found here. I decided to use a little creativity in order to cut time by making scrambled cheese eggs and stacking beautifully with the tomato and avocado atop the baked tortilla. I wish I could show you my masterpiece, but the images are lost somewhere in the recesses of my cameras memory.  I was soo proud not only of my food, but of the great work I did with the camera. I even got a picture of a thumbs up from my cutie pie 10 year old daughter. The family was split on the decision as to whether they tasted as good as they looked. Two of us gave it an OK with side thumbs  while two gave thumbs up.  I’m just glad there were no thumbs down on my first day. I’m sure they will come later.


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  1. Sorry about the pictures. What a bummer! Think of it as “practice”. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the Tostada!