It’s Almost Summer Break


This year is the first in a while I’ll be working during the kids summer break. I’ve not had to worry about who is going to take care of them or what they will do with their time. I have a few more days before school is out for the year and I’ve not yet figured out how we are going to handle this summer. I’m trying to get approved to work from home for the summer so at least I can be here and plan activities for them around my work hours, but that has not yet been approved. So, if that doesn’t work out there are a few half day camps they can attend, but they are pricy and would take up my little part-time salary completely. I seriously couldn’t imagine how single parents survive with the cost of child care. Anyway, I’m praying my job comes through for me on this one because I’m seriously going bonkers over here trying to find a solution. 


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