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Flax-Crackers …Yum???


OK I know, Flax Crackers don’t sound very appealing, but they are actually one of my favorite low-carb snacks. They are very high in fiber and yummy which is a big plus! I’ve purchased them at Fresh Market, but can’t convince myself to pay the price for the tiny bag that I can devour in one sitting if I’ve got a kid hanging over my shoulder wanting to taste some of mommy’s yummy goodness… I still can’t figure out why no matter what I purchase them, my food always seems more appealing?!?!?! (question of the century for every mom out there I’m sure)

Well since I’m too cheap to pay the store prices I decided to try making them on my own, and found a great Rosemary & Seasalt Flax Cracker recipe in The Gluten Free Low Carber by Mellissa Sevigny from Going vegetation I’d almost gotten rid of her cookbook being as most low carb recipes are meat based, but I’m glad I kept it for such an occasion as today when I found myself on the prowl for a healthy snack option to take to work. The big bonus is that it barely put a dent in may pocketbook. I made these crackers with eggs from our chickens, rosemary which we also have in our garden for next time, added in some parmesan, celtic sea salt, and flax meal which are things I always have on hand. In less than an hour I have a great snack to help satiate my appetite during the day.

Now to think up some other flavor options in these little tasty treats. Here is a pic. Didn’t take time to pull out the real camera. So I just used my iPhone to save time.

Flax - crackers... YUM???

Flax – crackers… YUM???

Health Update


So the verdict is in, and I’m not gluten intolerant and I don’t have celiac disease. That’s a big relief. However, I do have ulcers and a hernia which is the cause for all of my tummy woes. The Dr. put me on Nexium, but after a couple weeks I’ve had to come off due to the side effects I experienced. So, now I’m managing with diet and exercise. They are supposing around 3 months to heal, and I’m optimistically looking forward to the day I’ve got no more digestive woes. At least the problem has been identified and verified so no more guessing as to what’s up. I don’t know why after 3 years my primary care Dr. couldn’t figure it out. But the specialist did an endoscopy and we are all on the same page.

My family is not so into my diet changes anymore. They are not gonna do the bland thing. So, I’ll just keep serving what they like and do what I need to do to feel better.