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Coconut Date Balls


With the death of chocolate from my new Paleo AIP diet I’ve had to find something to meet my sweet treat. Searching Pintrest I ran across this surprisingly good little treat with only two ingredients; dates and unsweetened coconut. This is a win for me.

Easy sweet treat

Coconut Date Balls


Pantry Clean up


I decided to clean my pantry of any flours and cooking ingredients which were not part of the Paleo lifestyle, but that basically would empty my entire pantry. So, instead I decided to cook my pantry clean using the ingredients in dishes for my family until rid of the non-paleo ingredients. Most are gluten free and much more healthy than you’d find in the average kitchen. They are just not good for me. So, I’m cool with preparing for the family. Non of them have the same health concerns as I. Just look at all the stuff that I can’t eat. I literally only had 4 basic ingredients besides the dried fruits  out of everything in my pantry that are safe for me. And I thought I was doing the right thing trying to be healthy. I helps to know what the issue is before trying to treat it.



I’ve got a lot of cooking to do!

Wish me well!


So, the diagnosis is Celiac Disease and I’ve decided to use The Paleo Approach to try healing myself through lifestyle change. It kinda upsets me that a lot of the “healthy” dietary and lifestyle changes I’ve already made have actually exaggerated the problem which is why even with working out and eating “right” I’ve still felt miserably many more days than not. Things like chia and flax or running which I’d newly adapted, but often paid for afterwords with a feeling of misery, but I thought it was just because I was out of shape. I’m having a really hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that I’ve kinda got to start all over again. Definitely my pinterest challenge is off because most of the recipes incorporate things I’m not now allowed to ingest. Gonna have to clean up my board and find things I can have. Maybe I’ll try again at a later point after I’ve familiarized myself with the new way of eating. I’m OK with giving up running for Yoga, Pilates, and Walking. I still can take leisurely bike rides so all is not lost. It’s just after pressing so hard to get here I find myself starting all over again. Hopefully this is the final time I’ve got to do that. Wish me well!

Betel Leaf


I’ve not cooked much over the past few weeks because I’ve been suffering with digestive woes caused by consuming gluten at some point.  I’ve become basically a gluten free low carb vegetarian because my digestion doesn’t seem to properly work. This time I had to go to the Dr. but they had not assistance to offer me other than wait it out and referring me to a gastrointestinal specialist whom I’ll be seeing this week.

I’m about ready to try anything to feel better and not experience this pain again. I brew kombucha as well as kefir. I work out when I’m not exhausted from my digestive process malfunctioning. I eat well and get enough rest. I mean seriously – I’m ready to experience a pain free energy pumped life again. 

This past week while searching for answers I ran across the website thepaleomom.com and ordered her book which began reading in the car as my husband and I ran our errands yesterday. My  hope is to find anything of use to assist me in my journey to a normal digestion process. I’m only on page 24 of The Paleo Approach and I see myself diagnosed all on the pages. I want to skip to the end and find the answer, but am forcing myself to be patient and read the entire thing so there will be no blanks in my mind as to why this is or isn’t the right approach for me.

In the course of our errand running we have to stop at a friend’s house  who happens to be from India and he has this vine like plant growing which is traditionally eaten after meals to aide in digestion. I ask for a couple leaves to try because I am desperate for something that will correct my system. After supper last night I was a leaf and consume it. I fount it to fast very astringent to the point I wanted to spit it out, but I pressed on and swallowed followed swiftly by a large glass of water. I actually felt it’s cooling properties as it worked its way through my digestive tract.

Happily this morning I am having some relief from my digestive woes of the past three weeks. I think I will purchase a plant found here on Amazon.com .  I actually found some great looking Thai recipes I may have to try so as to incorporate this beneficial food into my diet hopefully at a much less traumatic experience for my taste buds.