Wish me well!


So, the diagnosis is Celiac Disease and I’ve decided to use The Paleo Approach to try healing myself through lifestyle change. It kinda upsets me that a lot of the “healthy” dietary and lifestyle changes I’ve already made have actually exaggerated the problem which is why even with working out and eating “right” I’ve still felt miserably many more days than not. Things like chia and flax or running which I’d newly adapted, but often paid for afterwords with a feeling of misery, but I thought it was just because I was out of shape. I’m having a really hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that I’ve kinda got to start all over again. Definitely my pinterest challenge is off because most of the recipes incorporate things I’m not now allowed to ingest. Gonna have to clean up my board and find things I can have. Maybe I’ll try again at a later point after I’ve familiarized myself with the new way of eating. I’m OK with giving up running for Yoga, Pilates, and Walking. I still can take leisurely bike rides so all is not lost. It’s just after pressing so hard to get here I find myself starting all over again. Hopefully this is the final time I’ve got to do that. Wish me well!

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  1. Dawn I follow your blog. I will go on this journey with you. Post your diet changes and I will follow along. And remember we never walk alone. That gentle breeze that pass by belong to the KING. Auntie